Monday, September 30, 2013

Fast boy the chase part 2

(I know I said tech but I gotta finish this) The shadow beasts emerged from the sky and began to demolish buildings,destroying homes,crushing schools and eating our cafe's.Suddenly Fast boy sliced and diced the beasts with the infinity blade turning them into dust(litteratly).After securing the city fast boy entered the shadow realm to find the immortal god shadowshian where god kings worship him and treat him like a king. "A king of death"Fast boy mumbled to himself.Without thinking Fast boy ran with one of the god kings grabbing his arm and speaking in a weird language.This is all fat boy could translate."you shall not free your beloved city for the king wants it as his prize!" "Uh oh" Fast boy said stabbing the god king holding his arm killing him. After that he sliced the infinity blade and killed the god kings. Now it was time to face Shadowshian. "most impressive you are the first to prove worthy In a long time" Shadowshian said.But now the infinity blade glowed bright red with blood and when he wiped it off the infinity blade glowed bright blue with power. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Shadowshian screamed when the infinity blade sucked him inside.It suddenly became too hot to touch and fast boy dropped itthen he realized the portal was closing. "no no no no no!" fast boy screamed. but luckily he made it just in the nick of time but now he was in the jungles of Peru.The end


  1. Jungles of Peru?! Did he lose the Infinitely Blade? Way to keep me hanging, Sam! Can't wait to read the next adventure.

  2. I love this, bud! You're such a good writer!